Living in Lincoln Park, Chicago

Living in Lincoln Park, Chicago

Living in Lincoln Park, Chicago

Lincoln Park is one of the best neighborhoods to live in the Chicago area. If you can afford to live here, it is definitely a place that you should check out for yourself. One of the best parts about living in Lincoln Park is the closeness that you are to the Lincoln Park Zoo. Kids love this zoo and they offer free admission and some fantastic animals.

Lincoln Park Zoo

There is also a beach nearby (North Ave. Beach) which is between North Ave and Fullerton Pkwy and is a great place to visit on a sunny weekend afternoon. There are pools, a couple of museums (Chicago History Museum) , as well as plenty of other outdoor activities, like golf, volleyball, bike paths and playgrounds for the kids.

Lincoln Park Real Estate - North Ave. Beach

During the summer and early autumn, the Green City Market is the place to be every Wednesday and Saturday morning. In fact, this is the biggest farmers market in the city and you will need to arrive early in order to fight the crowds.

Living in Lincoln Park, Chicago

There are actually three different sections that make up Lincoln Park: North Ave to Armitage Ave, Armitage to Fullerton Pkwy, and Fullerton to Diversey Pkwy. Each has their own benefits and people love them all for different reasons.

North Ave to Armitage has a bunch of restaurants, shops and bars laid out up and down Wells Street and it is great if you are looking to be close to downtown. There is a huge shopping opportunity for those who like ‘big-box’ outlets as well. The Lincoln Park homes that you will find in this area are sometimes considered historic and the walkable streets add to the charm of the area.

Lincoln Park Living

When you are looking at real estate in Lincoln Park, you should also consider the Armitage to Fullerton Pkwy section as well. There are a lot of condos and high-rise housing in this section and many of the apartment buildings are vintage options from the 60s. There isn’t as much to do in this section, but you can still find restaurants and bars. The main section for these is along Clark Street, but there are also many vacancies located on the street as well.

Moving to Lincoln Park

If you are looking for quiet living in Lincoln Park, Fullerton to Diversey Pkwy offers a more nature oriented lifestyle. The Nature Sanctuary is located in this area and there are many animals that make their home around the 13 acre pond. Animal lovers will love watching all the birds that arrive during their proper season as well as the turtles, frogs and beavers that make their home here.

Homes in Lincoln Park

When it comes to finding schools for your kids, you will have many great options by choosing real estate in Lincoln Park. All the schools have really high ratings and all the kids seem to enjoy attending. Test scores are fairly high compared to the rest of the city and there is an overall high amount of kids that graduate from the schools in Lincoln Park. Lincoln Park is also home to Depaul University a very well-known and prominent Catholic University.

One of the downsides of Lincoln Park is that rentals and real estate can be somewhat expensive. You can probably expect to pay between $1000 and $1200 for a nice one bedroom apartment. However, it is a very safe location that has great schools and is located close to many fantastic medical facilities.

Lincoln Park is very trendy and offers closeness to many of the commuter options that you will need to get to work. You will never find yourself bored when you purchase real estate in Lincoln Park and there are always plenty of activities going on in this neighborhood. If you are looking to buy real estate in the Chicago area, Lincoln Park is definitely a neighborhood that is worth the money so that you can enjoy all the amenities that it has to offe

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