Moving to Chicago, IL

Moving to Chicago, IL

Moving to Chicago


Most people wanting to move to a big city in the United States consider the obvious choices: New York, Boston, Atlanta, or Los Angeles. However, one city that shouldn’t be forgotten is Chicago. With its central location and abundance of activities, Chicago is a popular vacation spot. But, for those who want a big city feel with a higher than average quality of life, the Windy City is the perfect option.

Moving to Chicago, IL

Chicago, Illinois is situated in the center of the Midwest. This location is the primary reason it’s the third biggest city in the country. It has easy access to most of the country and to Canada. This also makes travelling to and out of Chicago easy. The city offers three major forms of transportation: train, bus, and its international airport. Getting to any major city in the world from Chicago is just a skip and a jump away, with very little hassle.

Living in Chicago, IL

Chicago is well known for having long, chilly winters. However, anyone who visits in the summer or spring knows that Chicago is not all about winter. Summer is warm and breezy and spring is beautiful, emphasized by the gorgeous gardens and parks throughout the city.

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There’s an abundance of entertainment choices in Chicago. The town plays host to a lot of free and public events held throughout the year. Chicago is also host to various restaurants, theaters, art galleries, pubs, and clubs. The highly regarded Chicago Symphony Orchestra consistently performs in various places, as well as in the Symphony Centre throughout summer time. When it comes to sports, Chicago is the most successful athletic city in the United States and its arenas are remarkable to behold.

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The job market in Chicago is strong and steady. The city is actually the tenth most affluent in the world. It is easier for job hunters to find work in a variety of areas. Some of the biggest job markets in Chicago are teaching, telecommunications, finance, and technology.

The quality of life in Chicago is arguably one of the best for a city its size. Skilled workers are well paid, giving them a higher standard of living. However, there are still variants in living, seen in the fights for lower class workers and their rights. Recently Chicago’s residents have opposed increases in tax, so rates remain incredibly low, always a plus when considering a move.

Homes in Chicago

There are many museums in Chicago

For students in the region, Chicago boasts a number of very highly esteemed public and private schools, along with some of the best universities in the country. The best part is, the available areas of study are extremely wide ranged, from science to business, arts, and communications.

Chicago has excellent ethnic diversity, job prospects, and is full of energy and life. It is arguably the best city the U.S for work or education, and offers chances that you might have not believed possible.


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