Living in Lincoln Square, Chicago, IL

Living in Lincoln Square, Chicago, IL

Around 44,000 people live in Lincoln Square and there are over 1000 businesses that also call the area home as well. Transportation throughout this area is vast and you can easily find public transportation that will take you to other parts of the city. Historically, Lincoln Square was influenced by the Germans and many of the businesses and architecture show this rich history.

Lincoln Square is divided into six various neighborhoods, each of which have their own specific atmosphere and community feeling. There are also two hospitals that are located in this neighborhood, which offer residents a safe place to have medical attention when needed.

Just as with any other neighborhood in Chicago, Lincoln Square is known for its diverse culture and unique businesses. It is an excellent place to spend a day shopping and eating, but it is even better to find homes for sale in Lincoln Square and experience the wonderful atmosphere on a day to day basis.

Some say that living in Lincoln Square can be compared to living in a small town, but having the benefit of living near a huge city. There are areas that are bustling with activity, but behind these areas, you will find quiet streets that are filled with residents who truly come together for one another.

There are a variety of events are held throughout Lincoln Square every year will, such as the Chicago Folk and Roots Music Festival, The Summer Concert Series, as well as the German-American Fest that brings people in from all around the Midwest.

This neighborhood is also a great place to take in local art and eat at fantastic restaurants that are located throughout the neighborhood. You will be able to purchase many things that are provided by local shops and will easily find everything that you need within this area of the city. After you have finished a shopping excursion, you can relax at one of the many caf├ęs and enjoying a bite to eat for a cappuccino to finish off your day.

One of the best things about Lincoln Square is its devotion to maintaining the traditional architecture that this area of the city is known for. Many of the buildings have been designed by famous architects and are regularly maintained so that they will always showcase the beauty that they were intended to have.

For families, schools can be a priority and you will find a fairly decent number of suitable schools for your children in Lincoln Square. Many of the schools are a bit smaller than normal so students are able to receive more attention than they would in larger schools. This can be seen as a bonus for many parents who are looking to purchase real estate in Lincoln Square.

Throughout the year you will be able to find an event taking place almost every day of the week. While some of these events take place on a smaller scale, there are also some that involve the entire community, such as the annual tree lighting ceremony that is held towards the end of November every year.

One of the best things about Lincoln Square is that there is very little crime in this part of the city compared to other communities that are found nearby. Residents are able to feel safe in their homes and can truly enjoy everything that this part of the city has to offer.

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